PowerCon Embedded A/S

They have always been dedicated to working with embedded systems, each with an average work experience as engineer of ~15 years. Since the early 2000s most of them have been working with wind turbines R&D within control HW and SW and in roles spanning over developers, specialists, project and team management.

In the summer 2011 they started as a team of freelancers, working with their business partner PowerCon A/S. PowerCon A/S is a company started by former colleagues in the wind business.

As of July 2012 we started formally as PowerCon Embedded A/S, with PowerCon A/S as partial owner. While PowerCon A/S is focusing on control algorithms, power components and mechanics, they – PowerCon Embedded A/S – are focusing on control HW and SW.

Their combined competences cover all aspects of product engineering:

  • Electronic design and verification
  • Power electronics design and verification
  • Software design, implementation and verification
  • High speed control algorithms
  • Power converter systems
  • Power test systems
  • System integration and verification
  • Power prototype build-up
  • Laboratory and field work
  • Project and team management

PowerCon Embedded A/S
Langdyssen 5
8200 Aarhus N