R&R Consult

R&R Consult delivers state-of-the-art engineering solutions
R&R Consult is driven by curiosity, persistence and dedicated to sound engineering. Through knowledge and adaption they always secure the best solution to your needs and specifications.

R&R Consult secure you the finest applied engineering
For 20 years they have been operating and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the industry based on engineering analysis in the thermo- and fluid mechanics using advanced numerical methods, CFD and FEM. A profound understanding of the thermo and fluid dynamics is essential for any investigation and all employees of R&R consult has a high degree of educational background and experience within thermo and fluid mechanics. This is your guarantee for the finest applied engineering.

R&R Consult is specialized in a variety of  areas, e.g.:
• Thermo & Fluid mechanics
• Cooling of electronic equipment
• Emission reduction techniques
• Gas/solid/liquid mixer and separators
• Design and optimization of fluid systems
• Supplementary firing for HRSG/WHRU units
• Oil, gas, biosmass & solid combustion

R&R Consult
Gasværksvej 26, 9000 Aalborg