Thinelephants A/S

Thinelephants A/S are a highly specialized M&A- and Consulting Company established in 2006

They are a network based organisation with a great team of dedicated and specialised professionals, all with extensive experience from; executive management, strategy development, project development and multiple M&A processes succeeded.

They are focused towards the green part of the energy sector, where they have obtained a major part of their professional experience. Primarily from the Onshore- and Offshore Wind Industry, their experience is gathered from all over Europe, parts of Asia and the United State.

Their strength are their ability to work with both large multi-national cooperations, and as well smaller national family owned companies. They have all tried both, and therefore they can take be best from both worlds into their work with their present- and new customers.

They have two focus areas:

  • Management Consulting
  • Merger & Acquisition

Thinelephants A/S
Skovallen 14
9300 Sæby