Hauschildt Marine A/S


Hauschildt Marine offers professional consultancy services within the fields of maritime engineering and naval architecture. They provide a wide range of consulting and design services to their clients – primarily in the maritime and offshore industries. They are based in Copenhagen and Skagen, Denmark, and employ 15 highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

Their staff is strongly dedicated to the fields of offshore oil & gas, offshore windmill installation, naval architecture, marine engineering and shipbuilding. Their expertise is supported by state-of-the-art technology and they co-operate closely with Aalborg University in order to ensure the scientific development of their services.

Hauschildt Marine A/S was founded in 1995 to provide Naval Architect consulting services for Ship Yards and Ship Owners. The work ranges from small conversions exercises to total design and engineering packaged.

During the last few Years Hauschildt Marine have been more and more involved in the Offshore Wind, Oile & Gas Field.

Hauschildt Marine A/S
Østre strandvej 12
9990 Skagen