Safe Ocean Service A/S

Safe Ocean Service offers a wide range of services within the on/offshore oil, gas and wind turbine industry.

Since their beginning in 2012 they have continuously added new skills and services to their toolbox, which have enabled them to offer their customers the best possible solutions on all jobs within the industry. All of their jobs are carried out with a high focus on quality and with safety as the main priority.
Their main services include:

  • Rig upgrades
  • MPD Installations
  • Hot/Cold stackings
  • Wind turbine maintenance and repair
  • Access solution
    • Rope access
    • Scaffolding

Safe Ocean Service aims to be the best total service provider for offshore installations in the oil, gas and wind turbine industry. Their main focus areas are mechanics, hydraulics and scaffolding installations.

Their vision is that we have continuous and loyal relationships with their customers as well as their employees. They  also strive to provide flexible, safe, and high-quality offshore services.

Their aim is that all of their customers should receive the best possible solution, which is carried out under safe conditions. They strive to always meet or exceed their  customers’ expectations by complying with the price and duration agreed upon.

Safe Ocean Service A/S
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