Nordiska Projektexportfonden


The objective of the fund is to support Nordic cooperation within the framework of its mandate. All Nopef operations shall include the aim of keeping a high Nordic profile and to contribute to the common good of the Nordic countries in such a way that a Nordic added value is created.

The specific aim of the fund is to strengthen the international competitiveness of Nordic enterprises by providing co-financing for feasibility studies that support export projects and the internationalisation of Nordic enterprises. To this end, the fund works in cooperation with national, Nordic and international organisations.

Nopef finances feasibility studies within the fields of the environment, climate and green growth. The feasibility studies should contribute to direct or indirect environmental improvements and increased environmental consciousness in the project countries.

The guidelines of the Nopef Trust Fund can be downloaded here.

A brochure about Nopef that summarizes the operations can be downloaded here.

A flyer highlighting the results of Nopef can be downloaded here

Nordic advantage
Through Nordic cooperation they aim at achieving more than the countries can achieve individually. They call this “Nordic advantage”. (NCM)

With more than 4800 Nordic projects to its credit, Nopef is in a unique position to support the Nordic advantage.

Project related Nordic advantage

  • Strengthens the competitiveness of Nordic enterprises in the face of the challenges brought on by globalization. Necessary changes related to production that are made in time (while the company’s economy is still solid) can strengthen the company’s position in the future. Often a successful restructuring can lead to an increase in the number of employees.
  • Contributes to increased product- and service deliveries from the Nordic counties to new markets opened up by successful business set-ups.
  • Improves the competitiveness of the applicant’s Nordic suppliers, who can often benefit significantly from the new business set-ups.
  • Increases employment of Nordic support services e.g. legal- , accounting- and consulting services.
  • Transference of Nordic corporate culture as well as know-how and technology within the environmental field.
Nopef’s contribution
  • Nopef shares the risk that the applicant is taking in connection with the feasibility study. For sme’s this risk is often significant. Nopefs participation in the feasibility study gives the applicant company better resources to conduct a thorough and well-structured study.
  • With their database containing over 4800 projects, Nopef can, in a unique way, promote Nordic networking and act as a catalyst for inter-Nordic cooperation.
  • Nopef complements the national organizations (e.g. trade organizations) through close cooperation.
  • Nopef has a consultative role toward applicant companies and can convey recent experiences from e.g. the project country in question.
  • Nopefs participation gives the project a structural frame that is useful for the applicant throughout the entire process irrespective of the outcome of the feasibility study.
  • Nopef is focused on one product i.e. feasibility studies which leads to a high number of realized projects – approximately 1/week


Nordiska Projektexportfonden
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