Invest in DK, Udenrigsministeriet

Invest in Denmark – Cleantech, ICT, Life Sciences

As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Invest in Denmark is a customized one-stop service for foreign companies looking to set up a business in Denmark.

They Speak Business
Invest in Denmark provides your company with a tailor-made solution for locating your business in Denmark. They measure their success by how well they contribute to yours. So, if you are considering setting up business or expanding your activities in Denmark, make them your first stop.

Corporate background, industry insight, well-connected networks
You’ll find them in central hot spots around the world as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Their specialized staff across the globe has the corporate background, industry insight and well-connected networks to advise you on every aspect of locating in Denmark. Not only when you set up, but also as your business grows. Their tailor-made solutions include connecting companies with key local contacts, arranging fact-finding tours and providing comprehensive benchmark analyses. They make sense of local legislation and advantages of locating in Denmark – all free of charge and in guaranteed full confidentiality.

Access the Danish knowledge industry
Denmark has a proud tradition of collaborative business partnerships, which has resulted in world-leading competencies within cleantech, life sciences, tech and design. They help you get access to the Danish knowledge industry, and your business will benefit from the ongoing support of a committed partner. In fact, they offer a wide range of professional consultation services for getting your business in Denmark off to a flying start.

Invest in Denmark, Udenrigsministeriet
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