VB – Entreprise A/S


Back in 1981, Villy Bruun established his own electrical installation firm on the Danish island of Mors. He was trained as an electrician, but curious to expand his business to areas outside the traditional electrician jobs in companies and private homes.

By the mid-1980s, the first small, privately owned 500 kW wind generators were already established in Denmark, and more were to follow. There was an increasing demand for electricians with high voltage skills who could connect the turbines to the grid. Villy Bruun saw the potential in this exciting trend, and in 1989, he established VB Enterprise A/S as an independent business with a focus on high voltage and the connection of wind turbines to the grid. After that, things developed in quick succession:

  • 1989 – Establishment of VB Enterprise
  • 2004 – Subsidiaries opened in Sweden and Norway. Participation in the first offshore-project at Rodsand, Denmark
  • 2007 – Offshore projects in England and Holland
  • 2010 – Growth on all fronts: Number of employees grew from 35 to 85 in the next three years
  • 2011 – Subsidiary opened in England
  • 2013 – German subsidiary established
  • 2014 – VB Enterprise has a new owner (VBE Holding), new domicile and a new central location in Skive, Denmark.
  • 2014 – VBE Holding changes its name to All NRG and QSTAR Energy enters the partnership, which now consists of VB Enterprise,APRO Wind and Q-STAR Energy

Expertise Makes a Difference
VB Enterprise’s success is based on an experienced, committed, and highly responsible staff. Every day, through their work, their partners can judge their professionalism, commitment to safety, and their ability to solve jobs offshore and onshore.

All technicians with VB Enterprise A/S are qualified electricians with documented specialised skills to work on cables and switchgear up to 72 kV. Staff skills are continually upgraded with all the relevant certification through attending courses at some of the world’s leading manufacturers of switchgear and transformers.

They invest between EUR 9.500 – 13.500,00 per employee in courses and further training. This shows their commitment to never compromise on the competence level of their staff.

They hand-pick the right team of technicians for every job to ensure efficient and problem-free installation or service work for their partners.

VB-Entreprise A/S
Ulvevej 24
7800 Skive