The niches win


Hub North made considerable progress making the wishes and needs of members known at the business network’s dialogue meeting at the Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre on 9 June.

Most of the 30 members, plus a number of other interested parties, participated in the network meeting, which was also opened by Climate Minister Lykke Friis.

”I find it absolutely wonderful that we already have 30 members in the new business network for wind energy, but we hope of course that that number will grow to 50 after a day like this. The most important thing, however, is that the members we have are active and ready to make a difference”, stressed Flemming Eriksen, consultant with Hub North.

”And it is important that we have a very concrete dialogue with politicians instead of small exchanges here and there.”

Flemming Eriksen told members that for now it is free to register, but that the network will need financing in the long term.

Kjeld Kærgaard Jensen, business consultant with the commercial division in Aalborg Municipality, reviewed the financing phases from the current pilot project to the next phase, which runs from 1 July to the end of the year. Here, the Port of Aalborg has furnished financing of DKK 500,000, while the DKK 20 million that the whole project is expected to cost through to the end of 2014 is being sought, among others, from Vækstforum Nordjylland.

”I would like the support of the political system. An enterprise such as Hub North could use a mentor so the rest of the year can be used appropriately to gain an overview of our friends in this field”, said Claus Holstein, chairman of Hub North and Managing Director of the Port of Aalborg, at the dialogue meeting.

More help for customers

Jakob Thang Nielsen, Manager at Deloitte, focused in his speech on the next 10-15 years in the industry for wind turbine operators.

”The industry has been characterised by strong growth through the years, and this will continue. The customers are relatively few and very large. Consolidation is in full progress. If you are a leading, global niche company, you can become a winning player”, the Deloitte manager said.

One of his main messages is that you should help your customers much more than you used to.

”It is of great strategic value that today Opel can call and order a whole door frame from a supplier. Previously, automobile manufacturers ordered the steel frame, revolving handles for the windows and so on from a number of different suppliers. You, too, can generate strategic value by working together”, said Jakob Thang Nielsen to the people of Hub North.

The various workshops worked fast and were specific in their feedback. The Hub North website will soon publish a summary when the proposals have been compiled.