Offshore branch growing fast

Offshore Center Danmark has been granted DKK 27 million by the Growth Forum for South Denmark under the South Denmark Region. The money is part of a total of DKK 36 million that will be used for five projects for the development of the offshore industry.

Offshore Center Danmark has calculated growth of 7,000 Danish offshore jobs over the next 10 years. That brings the total in the industry up to 20,000.

“It is positive that there is such great belief in the future, and that substantiates our ambition of creating 7,000 new jobs in the offshore industry by the year 2020. Danish firms have the skills and know-how needed to compete for international projects, and we work hard to prepare smaller firms to compete in a global market”, said Director Peter Blach, Offshore Center Danmark at the centre’s annual meeting of 10 September.

250 Danish companies employing 13,000 in all currently work with oil, gas and offshore wind turbines.