“Blade road” in use

The first long wind turbine blades have been on wheels on “blade road”, which Siemens Wind Power blade factory in Aalborg East laid together with Aalborg Harbour.

Vindmøllevinger transporteres på den nye vingevej
Vindmøllevinger transporteres på den nye vingevej

The special one-kilometre-long blade road has been in the works for 1½ years and is now ready to transport the long white fiberglass turbine blades.

“We need to avoid public roads as much as possible, and the idea with the special road is that we can drive directly down to the harbour to have the blades shipped”, says Søren Kringelholt, Director for the Siemens Wind Power blade factories.

The transportation, however, is not so smooth yet.

“The transport that has taken place so far has been something of a trial and has taken place using a loader tractor. Right now the work involves our developing better equipment to pull the blades down to the harbour”, says the blade director.

He also predicts that the blades will be transported via railway.

“In the United States, we had to build a special railway station at our factory. In Aalborg we already have a railway at the harbour, so it is just a matter of getting formalities out of the way and using it. I am convinced that we will use both lorries and trains for future blade transportation. That is also environmentally feasible”, says Søren Kringelholt.