Aalborg to test the newest wind turbines


Østerild will be a test centre for wind turbines. That chapter is over and now a number of prominent North Jutlanders are advocating drawing a test centre for the “0-series wind turbines” to Aalborg. They are doing so in an open letter to the Minister of the Environment, Climate and Energy, the environment and planning committee, the energy policy committee and the press. The plea has been printed as a debate contribution and report in the North Jutland newspaper Nordjyske Stiftstidende and can be read on the website of the Danish parliament, the Folketing.

The 0-series wind turbines are the name of the very first smaller series of a new type of wind turbine that will be tested in a challenging environment. The harbour’s spray fields at Nordjyllandsværket in Rærup and Vester Hassing are described by experts as obvious choices for the gigantic wind turbines. Here, the wind conditions vary because of the terrain’s rugged character. Hammer Hills, Limfjord and large cities such as Aalborg and Nørresundby provide the right conditions with heavy wind from different directions.

“Clearly, Aalborg should quickly and perseveringly announce its candidacy to host a test centre for this type of new wind turbine. It would benefit the region and all of Denmark, of course, if we allowed testing of the first wind turbines in a batch production”, write the nine signatories of the open letter.

The signatories are members of the Danish parliament, university researchers, businessmen and women, trade union, business organisations and the Port of Aalborg.

They point out that the area near Nordjyllandsværket is already set up for numerous industrial uses of a heavy nature and that the area is deserted by Danish standards – without being designated as nature worthy of preservation. It would entail only very few expropriations, and that discussion or debate, the signatories believe, might as well be addressed straight away.

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