Aalborg harbour’s spray fields perfect for test centre

In a feature article in the newspaper Jyllands Posten and a discussion article in the newspaper Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Claus Holstein, the Port of Aalborg’s Managing Director, jumps head first into the heated debate about the location of a future test centre for wind turbines. He proposes an obvious and seemingly overlooked possibility at the large vacant areas around Vattenfall in Rærup, close to Limfjord.

According to the harbour director, Østerild in Thy can be spared the wind turbines, as they can be erected at the harbour’s two spray fields near the Vattenfall power plant in Vester Hassing and Rærup, north of Limfjord. There, the harbour disposes of an area spanning 125 hectares. And a number of technical installations already exist there, including dumping sites, power plant and spray fields.

The area consists of land deposits for dredging sediment, i.e. materials from basins and channels which, over the years, have been sprayed in to keep the channel in Limfjord open. The area is huge and has long been available for industry. There is plenty of wind. Several large wind turbines have already been erected in front of the plant in recent years.

In the past 50 years, the entire area has been available for various uses within heavy industry. The expropriations, discussions and citizens’ movements have long since passed.

The harbour director proposes multiple simultaneous uses. For that reason, he believes that an experience centre should be established together with the test centre. That way there could be tourist information and perhaps tours.

The proposal incited debate right away. Twenty-five contributions with comments regarding the proposal have been received at jp.dk. Most of them encourage the authorities to study the proposal from the director in Aalborg. Some, however, reject the idea of a test centre on land, even if it is located in a vacant area such as the spray fields near Limfjord.

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