EU billions for wind energy

“This is competition among countries. Not among different Danish regions.”

Jan Hylleberg is CEO of the Danish Wind Industry Association and one of the main speakers at the Hub North Kick-off meeting of 8 March, where North Jutland will be launched as the power centre within wind energy. He warns against internal Danish competition.

Wind energy has always been a Danish hallmark within development and export. Denmark has been at the forefront of technology, but now faces tough competition from the outside. All countries have become interested in wind energy and in producing it themselves. It is estimated that over the next ten years in Europe EUR 150 billion will be invested in new offshore turbines and wave facilities alone. This, in turn, will produce up to a quarter of a million jobs.

Everyone is fighting for a position.

“In Denmark, companies have perhaps been used to our always being the best, and therefore internal competition was natural. Everything happened in Denmark anyway. Some degree of internal commercial competition is still fine, but we also need to be better at cooperating. Otherwise, we will lose to Norway, Germany, England and all the others. No one should go after the EU billions alone, as they are working fast and hard abroad to get their hands on the same funds”, says Jan Hylleberg.