Elektromarine – a company in growth

Elektromarine located in the most northern part of Denmark is a company “in constant growth” as they say on their website. And if you look at the enormous development the company has experienced within the past 8 years the quote is absolutely true. The number of employees and the economy has been up going since 2001 were Elektromarine started working professionally within automation.

The background

The story of Elektromarine started in 1969 when the former owner founded a company, which offered maintenance on fishing boats at the Port of Skagen. It was a profitable business in the 70s and the company quickly created a strong business, which was to become the foundation for future. In the 1980s the son of the former CEO, Thomas Lund, took charge of the organisation and the company soon changed its profile.
In the 70s there were app. 600 fishing boats in Skagen and today only a few are left. This development was foreseen by Thomas Lund and Elektromarine quickly after he took over started focusing on automation. Thomas Lund the now CEO of Elektromarine is an electrician and had always had automation as a hobby when he took over the position, as he made automation part of the company profile he soon learned that there was a great potential within that area. Today the company focuses almost 100 % on this “hobby”

The business

Automation became part of the business and the production at Elektromarine transferred to manufacturing customized products. Maintenance of fishing boats remained part of the business until 2005 were the company started focusing 100 % on automation. Their first Norwegian client came in 2005 and led the way to becoming active in the Norwegian market. This collaboration was very successful and has turned to activities in Sweden, Germany and Singapore as well. Elektromarine always focuses on expanding the company and right now they’re aiming at the BRIC area.


The main production at Elektromarine is a wide range of effect- and control boards. Most of the control boards are designed as customized solutions and if Elektromarine sees a market for it, they turn it into a serial production. Therefore the work of Elektromarine is focused on projects. It started as minor projects but has grown throughout the years and the capacity of the company has grown simultaneously. Today the company has 85 employees which involve engineers in the drawing office and people working in the production. Elektromarine is leading in their area within oil/gas and maritime sectors and has a very strong position in the Norwegian market. Partly because Norway has a large industry for the mentioned sectors, but also because Thomas Lund is fluent I Norwegian.”Norway has always been a market for us and will still be so in future projects” says Thomas Lund

The future is in energy

Besides expansion to new areas around the world the company also focuses on entering new markets and two of those markets are wind and wave energy. Elektromarine has great plans for that area and are right now part of a consortium which is testing wave-energy in Hanstholm, located in the western part of Denmark. Six companies participate and the consortium has been giving funds to test the project and measure the results. The objective is that the facility can supply offshore wind turbines on the existing grid.
Elektromarine has also focused its sights on wind energy and has plans for becoming a subcontractor to the wind turbine industry. As for now the company delivers equipment to Siemens Wind Power but is hoping to create new businesses with potential partners. Thomas Lund believes that there is a future within delivering control boards for wind turbines. Partly because they have great expertise in this area, but also due to the potential that lie within the wind energy sector.