Climate report promises enormous growth in the wind industry

“The Climate Commission’s report is promising and proves that we in a business network like Hub North are right to focus strongly on wind energy”.


Claus Holstein, Chairman of Hub North and Managing Director of the Port of Aalborg, is pleased with the Climate Commission’s recommendation, which calls for a massive investment of resources in the area of sustainable energy.

The message from the commission is that the energy of the future must in large part come from wind turbines and biomass. Even if the power is more expensive, as the commission’s chair, Professor Katherine Richardson of Copenhagen University, underscored at the publication on 28 September.

According to the report, the year 2050 is the year for liberation from fossil fuels. Climate and Energy Minister Lykke Friis approves the Climate Commission’s recommendations, but is more reticent with respect to setting an exact date for the total liberation from fossil fuels.

New age

“I am not crazy about using force, but we are entering a new energy policy age, and we have to decide whether to send the money outside the country (to the oil countries, red.) or whether to keep them here”, the minister said to TV2 News just after publication of the recommendation.

She referred to an added bonus in the form of “thousands of new jobs” in Denmark if the commission’s recommendations are followed up by lawmakers and result in greater efforts in the area of green energy in Denmark.

“We look forward to the Climate Commission’s recommendations becoming reality. Here, Jutland is well positioned, with Esbjerg in the south, Aalborg in the north and Aarhus in the middle. We can delivery all types of jobs and have long been at the forefront of development within wind energy. We have the infrastructure, the harbours, the research and the industry needed. In the Aalborg area alone I envisage – without setting the figure too high – growth of 500 jobs in 2011 in the wind turbine industry”, says Hub North chairman, Claus Holstein.

In 2009 The Danish wind turbine industry accounted for 8.5 percent of all Danish exports. A total of DKK 41.7 billion.