BUSINESS CONNECT A/S see themselves as the perfect partner for anyone, who wants to have a footprint in the Scandinavian market, on Wind, Oil&Gas or offshore. Their headquarter is in Esbjerg at the harbor side, close to all the wind, offshore and oil&gas action in the North Sea.They also have offices at Lindoe shipyard (Former Maersk shipyard) and in Hamburg.

They work on behalf of your company as sales professionals in a very flexible model. They have your email and marketing material and target customers (5-8 pcs) are agreed in conjunction with you. Your e-mail address also secures your control and acts as a CRM system as well. For this service they have a small fixed FEE (retainer) and a sales FEE when orders/customers are captured. Fare more flexible, cost effective and agile than a full blown Sales Manager.

They have a vast network in these industries and with the key decision makers and more than 20 years experience with the main players, such as DONG, Vattenfall, EON, Maersk, Semco Maritime, Siemens, Vestas, ABB, ALSTOM, Shell etc.