Power Curve


Power Curve is an international and independent supplier of wind turbine blade enhancements. They develop and manufacture passive aerodynamic add-ons, a series of relatively small plastic wings (vortex generators) designed to increase the power output of the turbine.

As wind turbines go through natural wear and tear, it is inevitable that the leading edge is gradually damaged, resulting in a decreasing power output. Power Curve’s vortex generator solutions, however, are fitted along the turbine blades, enabling the wind flow to stay attached to the blade surface longer, which mitigates the power loss effect of blade surface roughness. The result is an increased annual energy production (AEP) upwards of 2-5% depending on wind conditions, turbine type, level of surface roughness and other factors.

Each power upgrade solution is adapted specifically for the customer’s particular type of turbine and blade in order to maximize the effect. The power upgrade solutions are delivered in three distinct packages:

  • The Turnkey Package, which includes the design and manufacturing of add-ons as well as complete installation.
  • The Kit Package, which includes design and manufacturing of vortex generators and all necessary specifications and utensils, intended for operators with in-house maintenance teams able to perform the installation.
  • The Basic Package, which includes the manufacturing of customer or Power Curve designed vortex generators, intended for operators with no need for external assistance.

For further information, contact CEO Niels Fiil Brønnum at +45 6052 3622 or at nfb@powercurve.dk.

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