Thy Erhvervsforum


Thy Erhvervsforum (Thy Business Advisory Forum) is a member association working to facilitate development in the Thy area and to support local businesses. They provide professional business advice and mentoring, both to existing companies and to those starting out. Among their services are entrepreneur guidance, development programmes and competency training, all aimed at making a difference for the businesses.

The advisory forum works in cooperation with a number of other organisations promoting business development, both locally, nationally and internationally.

The main goals of Thy Erhvervsforum are

  • to increase employment in Thy,
  • to generate jobs in Thy,
  • to brand Thy as one of the leading green municipalities in Denmark and
  • to facilitate development in the area.

Thy Erhvervsforum
Kai Lindbergs Gade 71
7730 Hanstholm