BLAEST – Blade Test Centre A/S


With more than 30 years of experience, BLAEST is a leading service provider of structural wind turbine blade testing, playing a pivotal role for its clients by testing if new blade types have sufficient strength and durability for the entire lifetime as per the requirements defined in design standards. At the test facility, BLAEST conducts a wide range of tests and analyses, including static proof tests, fatigue tests and stiffness tests.

Currently, the test centre is able to handle blades up to 80+ m length, but plans are to establish facilities for testing blades of more than 100 m length, when and if the demand arises.

As an additional service, BLAEST is also able to offer clients the option of having test facilities established on-site, both in the domestic market as well as internationally.

BLAEST – Blade Test Centre A/S
Landdybet 10
9220 Aalborg Ø