Bladt Industries A/S


Bladt Industries is an international steel contractor specializing in large-scale and highly complex steel structures. They operate in three key areas of business providing steel solutions for the wind and renewable energy sector, for the oil and gas industry and for infrastructural projects.

At Bladt Industries, efficiency, on-time delivery and first-class quality are paramount to the manufacturing of a large variety of complex steel structures, including turnkey solutions, for both on- and offshore projects. Their range of products includes foundations and substations for offshore wind turbine projects, suction anchors, topsides and jackets for oil and gas projects as well as buildings, bridges and harbour structures for infrastructural projects.

Building on a tradition of craftsmanship that stretches back to 1965, Bladt Industries has contributed with expertise, knowledge and know-how to a wide range of ground-breaking projects around the globe, making their mark on many of the world’s largest wind farms and oil and gas projects.

Bladt Industries A/S
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