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KIRT x THOMSEN is a strategic visual R&D consultancy offering design-led solutions to support and accelerate the R&D process in the clean tech energy industry. This is achieved through conceptualization, co-creation and visualization of complex ideas and projects. In short, KIRT x THOMSEN help clients make the abstract tangible and simplify the complex.

At their core, KIRT x THOMSEN specialize in facilitating communication, decision-making, transparency and understanding for clients working with complex concepts, which can otherwise be hard for all stakeholders to fully comprehend. Their unique blend of consulting, in-depth industry knowledge, and visual approach help shorten time to market, reduce complexity and ultimately improve the quality and final outcomes of large scale energy projects.

KIRT x THOMSEN collaborate with organizations from the early stages of concept generation to product development and presentation. Their clients are large-scale international enterprises, SME’s and public organizations developing and promoting products, services and solutions for a sustainable future.

In the wind energy industry, KIRT x THOMSEN has been involved with a wide range of projects, including with Vestas, Dong Energy and Adwen. Among their own concepts, the KNARR Cargo Airship is their flagship project. The airship is designed to transport fully assembled wind turbines, reducing the time, costs and CO2 footprint traditionally associated with the industry’s logistics.

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