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Flexibility, precision and credibility are the three core values that Aviatec strives to achieve.

Aviatec has worked with friction welding for close to 30 years and represents the greatest expertise in this area in Denmark.

Previously, friction welding was unknown to most professionals in Denmark, but Aviatec has seen considerable growth in recent years, in Denmark as well as on their export markets. Exports represent 75% of Aviatec’s total revenue.

The latest expansion of Aviatec’s machinery has enabled them to take on even larger and more complex jobs. Aviatec has invested in a new CNC robotic processing machine from OKUMA, enabling them to deliver total solutions to customers, i.e. material procurement, shortening, friction welding, finishing, storage and delivery directly for warehousing or production. Aviatec’s customers can consequently decide to purchase the full package or whatever elements they require. Aviatec adapts each agreement individually to customer requirements.

Aviatec’s machinery also includes their first welding machine, which has been continuously developed to a current total capacity of 50 tonnes. In addition, Aviatec procured another 50-tonnes Thompson machine in 2007 and yet another 40-tonnes machine in 2011. All of these machines feature state-of-the-art controlled hydraulics and data capture with alarms and blocking. This ensures extremely detailed and complete documentation of a uniform quality defined on the basis of test welds.

Lufthavnsvej 25 B
9400 Nørresundby

Universal Foundation A/S

About Us - Universal Foundation

Universal Foundation is an offshore foundation company majority owned by Fred. Olsen Ocean, which is indirectly owned on a 50/50 basis by the Norwegian stock listed companies Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA.

The company is responsible for bringing the Mono Bucket foundation to the offshore wind industry (previously known as the Universal Foundation). The Mono Bucket is a unique concept in offshore wind engineering built on industry experience of more than 2,000 suction bucket installations offshore. It combines the key benefits of a gravity base foundation, a monopile and a suction bucket and can be installed in a wide variety of site conditions, including sand, silt, clay and layered strata.

The Mono Bucket offers a lower cost solution to traditional foundations using less steel and single lift, self-levelling installation, removing the requirement for a separate transition piece and grouting. Installation time is dramatically reduced, with a proven installation cycle of only 7 hours, and there is usually no requirement for seabed preparations or scour prevention. Most importantly, installation is noise free and the foundation is completely removable for re-use or recycling, minimising environmental impact.

As well as the technology, Universal Foundation provides design, project management and engineering expertise as well as offering holistic solutions for their foundation, working alongside fellow Fred. Olsen related companies or third party contractors for fabrication and installation.

The company has offices in Oslo, Norway and Aalborg – Denmark, Hamburg – Germany and Lowestoft – UK

Fred. Olsen companies such as Universal Foundation share the same commitment and drive to lowering cost and raising standards. Our shared values unite us:

  • Building on our shipping heritage, oil & gas knowledge and wind expertise.
  • Commitment to quality and safety.
  • Positive and engaged with a “can do” attitude; think straight – talk straight.
  • Ability to inspire, cooperate and make our colleagues and partners better.
  • Outgoing with integrity, transparency and with genuine industry focus.
  • Driven by innovation and exceeding expectations.

Universal Foundation A/S
Langerak 17, 1st floor
9220 Aalborg Øst

Bladt Industries A/S


Bladt Industries is an international steel contractor specializing in large-scale and highly complex steel structures. They operate in three key areas of business providing steel solutions for the wind and renewable energy sector, for the oil and gas industry and for infrastructural projects.

At Bladt Industries, efficiency, on-time delivery and first-class quality are paramount to the manufacturing of a large variety of complex steel structures, including turnkey solutions, for both on- and offshore projects. Their range of products includes foundations and substations for offshore wind turbine projects, suction anchors, topsides and jackets for oil and gas projects as well as buildings, bridges and harbour structures for infrastructural projects.

Building on a tradition of craftsmanship that stretches back to 1965, Bladt Industries has contributed with expertise, knowledge and know-how to a wide range of ground-breaking projects around the globe, making their mark on many of the world’s largest wind farms and oil and gas projects.

Bladt Industries A/S
Nørredybet 1
9220 Aalborg Ø

ITW Densit


Based on their unique high-strength and dense cement-based materials, Densit® provides high-performance solutions for industrial strengthening and repair.

Densit® high-performance solutions are applied worldwide as:

  • Renewable Energy – Grouted Foundation Solutions
  • Wear & Abrasion Solutions
  • Oil & Gas – Structural Subsea and Well Integrity Solutions
  • Industrial Flooring and Pavement Solutions

Each Densit® product, the service they provide and the way they act towards their customers and colleagues reflect their commitment to the three core values that define Densit®: Co-operation, Competence and Responsibility.

Densit ApS
Gasværksvej 46, 9000 Aalborg