A group of initiative-takers, with the Port of Aalborg at the forefront, got the idea to create a network for all wind turbine companies in northern Denmark. They examined the opportunities and determined the number of companies who deliver directly to the wind turbine industry or which produce as sub-suppliers.

The result of the study was surprising and positive. Northern Denmark has over 80 companies that more or less make a living from supplying to the wind turbine industry. The study showed that it was indeed a good idea to create a business network like Hub North.

Visibility is a key word – also when you are talking about the many partners to the wind turbine industry. Therefore, Hub North finds it important in the profiling of the North Jutland wind turbine industry to give the world a full picture of the many companies that are involved in one way or another in this industry. This includes from visualisation and the first lines drawn to subsequent production and delivery of the individual components of the wind turbine. Equally important is the final phase, when the wind turbine is erected and a service plan is established. The entire process is important and indispensable, and all the phases are covered by the different wind turbine companies in northern Denmark.