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CONNECT Denmark er en non-profit forening, der siden år 2000 har været med til  at udvikle flere tusinde danske vækstvirksomheder.

CONNECT Denmarks ca. 750 kompetente og erfarne medlemmer giver professionel sparring til landets vækstpotentielle virksomheder og skaber herigennem værdi for både virksomheder og andre medlemmer.

Som medlem af CONNECT Denmark vil du være en del af et dynamisk netværk, der giver dig og din virksomhed indsigt i mange forskellige virksomheder og brancher.

Er du ambitiøs og kunne du tænke dig at komme i betragtning til et sparringsforløb hos CONNECT Denmark, så kan du finde flere informationer nedenfor.

Flere informationer om de forskellige sparrings forløb

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Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 5 – 8000 Aarhus C – Tlf: 23103599



Wind Industry Continues To Grow

According to the latest figures from, turnover and employment in the wind turbine industry continues to grow. Total revenue for 2015 was thus 2.9% higher compared to 2014, while employment surged by 3.8% in the same period.

According to the Danish Wind Industry Association, 2015 was the best year for business in the wind turbine industry since the financial crisis and both turnover and employment has increased.

The study from May 2016 shows that 31,251 is employed by the industry in 2015, which represents an increase of 3.8% from the year before, and thus the growth from the previous few years continues. In terms of revenue stream, the numbers are also going in the right direction. From a total turnover for the industry of 85.2 billion DKK. in 2014, we are now experiencing an increase of the amount of 87.9 billion. DKK in 2015. This is equivalent to an increase of 2.9%, and comparing it to the numbers from 2010, the revenue for 2015 is 17.2% higher.

When looking at the Danish export, it saw the Danish Wind Turbine industry decline in 2015, where the total exports compared to 2014 was 10.7% lower. The explanation probably lies in the development in the European wind market, which in 2015 had set record wind power capacity. Such an increase may have resulted in a decrease in the need for imports of Danish wind power at a European level. However, export in the wind turbine industry in Denmark is still more than half of total revenue (55%).

Wind Power storming ahead in Europe In terms of capacity, Denmark is among nine European countries with a capacity of over 5 GW of installed wind power, the latest statement from EWEA (European Wind Energy Association). In the same list, Germany is by far the top with almost 45 GW, almost double that of Spain, with 23 GW sits on the second largest capacity. In 2015 there was in Europe invested 26.4 billion. Euro in wind energy development. This represents, according to EWEA’s survey, an increase of 40% compared to 2014 and looked at offshore capacity alone, the increase from 2014 to 2015 is twice as large as the previous period. It is therefore not surprising that EWEA’s study also shows that the total wind power capacity in 2015 have overtaken hydropower as the continent’s third most common form of energy; though still behind regarding coal and gas.

Frank Nørager & Co A/S

headerMed mere end 30 års erfaring med transport af vindmøller har Frank Nørager & Co A/S den nødvendige erfaring, ekspertise og ikke mindst det rette udstyr til at forsyne enhver vindpark – uden hensyntagen til fysisk placering, land eller type af vindmølle.

Frank Nøragers & Co’ har altid haft kundernes ønsker og behov som deres første prioritet, og det er meget vigtigt for dem at etablere et tæt samarbejde med deres kunder. Et samarbejde baseret på gensidig tillid og personlige relationer.

Frank Nørager & Co. A/S har en nyere og velholdt flåde af specialbygget transport udstyr, indeholdende mere end 185 trailere og blokvognsmoduler, 80 blokvognstrækkere og 6 kranbiler fra 36 til 150 tm.

Følg nedenstående links for at lærer mere om, hvad Frank Nørager & Co A/S kan gøre for dig.

Et visuelt overblik over Frank Nørager & Co A/S’ projekter i Norden samt Tyskland og Polen.
Alt nyt som rører på sig hos Frank Nørager & Co A/S
Her finder du kontaktinformationerne på Frank Nørager & Co A/S

Frank Nørager & Co A/S
Fabriksvej 8
DK-9690 Fjerritslev
tlf.: +45 98 21 73 76


Power Curve


Power Curve is an international and independent supplier of wind turbine blade enhancements. They develop and manufacture passive aerodynamic add-ons, a series of relatively small plastic wings (vortex generators) designed to increase the power output of the turbine.

As wind turbines go through natural wear and tear, it is inevitable that the leading edge is gradually damaged, resulting in a decreasing power output. Power Curve’s vortex generator solutions, however, are fitted along the turbine blades, enabling the wind flow to stay attached to the blade surface longer, which mitigates the power loss effect of blade surface roughness. The result is an increased annual energy production (AEP) upwards of 2-5% depending on wind conditions, turbine type, level of surface roughness and other factors.

Each power upgrade solution is adapted specifically for the customer’s particular type of turbine and blade in order to maximize the effect. The power upgrade solutions are delivered in three distinct packages:

  • The Turnkey Package, which includes the design and manufacturing of add-ons as well as complete installation.
  • The Kit Package, which includes design and manufacturing of vortex generators and all necessary specifications and utensils, intended for operators with in-house maintenance teams able to perform the installation.
  • The Basic Package, which includes the manufacturing of customer or Power Curve designed vortex generators, intended for operators with no need for external assistance.

For further information, contact CEO Niels Fiil Brønnum at +45 6052 3622 or at

Power Curve ApS
Stationsmestervej 81
9200 Aalborg SV

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas has the experience, the knowhow and the professional expertise to improve customers’ productivity and performance, helping to reduce risks and build a responsible, safe and sustainable business. Bureau Veritas applies a tailored and innovative approach, which can be demonstrated to stakeholders through.

As a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services, Bureau Veritas is recognised worldwide for excellence and innovation. Serving more than 400,000 companies, Bureau Veritas delivers a wide range of solutions that go beyond compliance.

Bureau Veritas
Oldenborggade 1B
7000 Fredericia



TS TECH A/S is a Danish, authorised electrical contractor. Since 2009, they serviced businesses and industries both public and private across Denmark.

TS TECH A/S offers high quality, strong stability and competitive prices in everything they do thanks to permanent and handpicked employees as well as professional administration. At TS TECH A/S, they use the latest tools and technologies, which allows them to offer customers optimal solutions in all things electric.

As for wind energy, TS TECH A/S has years of experience with subcontracting to Siemens and Vestas, with establishing preassembly lines across the world, with mobilising installation vessels and hotel ships, and with supplying both onshore and offshore retrofit solutions.

Adgangsvejen 30
6700 Esbjerg


Thomas Kastrup-Larsen

Parties from around the world interested in wind turbines were gathered Wednesday 4 March 2015 at Comwell Hotel Hvide Hus in Aalborg for the opening reception of the annual delegation trip prior to EWEA Offshore 2015.

Aalborg’s mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen opened the reception and welcomed the approximately 52 Danish and foreign guests, who for four days were visiting companies representing the top of the pop in the Danish wind turbine industry. The guests visited North Jutland companies such as Bladt Industries, the National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines and Envision Energy, who are currently testing a two-blade wind turbine at the port of Thyborøn.

At the opening reception, the guests had the pleasure of meeting each other for the first time and despite the cultural differences, the room was buzzing when the guests chatted and networked with each other.

The opening reception was organized by Hub North who used the opportunity to promote the competences in North Jutland, the companies within the North Jutland wind turbine industry as well as the trade organization Danish Wind Industry Association, who organized the delegation trip.