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Conlan ApS


Conlan er et dansk firma der udvikler og producerer sikkerhedssystemer. De bygger fremtiden på fornyelse og udvikling i partnerskab med deres kunder. Markedets krav og behov om komfortløsninger motiverer dem til nye produkter og OEM løsninger for adgangskontrol og sikkerhedsløsninger.

Conlan er en mindre virksomhed med en fleksibel produktion. De kan hurtigt og nemt skabe special-tilpassede løsninger og afprøve nye teknologier.

Conlan ApS
Speditørvej 2A, 9000 Aalborg

RF Micro Devices ApS

RF Micro Devices, Inc. (RFMD) helps connect the world, wirelessly. They design and manufacture high-performance radio frequency (RF) solutions that provide mobility, connectivity, and enhanced functionality for mobile devices. RFMD’s portfolio also includes wireless infrastructure, wireless local area networks (WLAN or WiFi cable television — CATV/broadband), Smart Energy/advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and aerospace and defense. Their diverse portfolio of semiconductor technologies, along with unmatched RF system expertise have set the stage to make RFMD the preferred supplier for the world’s largest mobile device, customer premises, and communications equipment providers.

Their design and manufacturing expertise encompasses many semiconductor process technologies, which they source through both internal and external suppliers. Their broad design, flexible manufacturing, and robust supply chain resources allow them to meet their customers’ aggressive performance, cost, and strict time requirements.

RF Micro Devices ApS
Bejlerholm 1
9400 Nørresundby

SCANCON Encoders A/S

SCANCON Encoders A/S is a privately-held manufacturer of incremental and absolute encoders located in Hillerød, Denmark. The company was founded in 1973 as an engineering design firm. However, it quickly expanded it’s expertise in designing EX-Proof encoders to include offering a full range of encoders. Over the years, the company has continued to design and manufacture innovative encoder and encoder-related products. The company has now expanded it’s sales throughout Europe, China, parts of Asia, South Africa and also penetrated the North & South American market.

On January 1st 2014, SCANCON Encoders A/S acquired the Danish company Eltomatic who is a manufacturer of Ex approved incremental encoders and has more than 35 years of experience with encoders for use in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected. Eltomatic A/S will continue to operate as a separate division of The Scancon Group and will continue to provide existing range of high quality products. SCANCON Encoders A/S acquired Eltomatic A/S to extend their portfolio, to cover the largest range of the encoder marked and to expand their company by sharing knowledge, competences and development within both electronics and mechanical engineering designs. Together both companies offer a wide range of encoders for all industries – made and designed in Denmark.
Both companies sell encoder / Product range.

SCANCON Encoders A/S produce optical incremental and absolute encoders for Oil & Gas, Mining, Wind, Steel, pulp & Paper and Automation Industries. Using their design engineering expertise, SCANCON Encoders A/S has offered innovative designs, increasingly smaller encoders and high resolution encoders to customers and also provided one of the widest ranges of EX-Proof encoders on the market with certifications like ATEX, IECEx, EAC and US MSHA. Unlike some competitors, SCANCON Encoders A/S provides readily available design engineering and sustaining engineering support.

Eltomatic’s encoders are ancillary equipment to the forefront in the fuel dispensing and petrochemical industries, like optical incremental shaft encoders, integrated magnetic incremental encoders, integrated and remote totalizers, drive gearbox for remote totalizers, flexible shaft for gearbox/remote totalizers, mounting brackets and kits for various solutions, cover solution for flow meters, e.g. VR, LC, B&R and FMC, which effectively replaces the mechanical register.

Product quality
Both companies have over 40 years of experience and have concentrated on providing customers high quality products and excellent customer service at a fair price.

Their mission
The mission for both companies are to continue working directly with customers to provide the encoder solutions they need to make their products and operations a success. Reliability, adaptability, complete solutions, cost effective and robustness are key words for the companies in the Scancon Group.

SCANCON Encoders A/S
Huginsvej 8
3400 Hillerød



GateHouse delivers the software that guarantees effective and secure communication between systems – every time. That is why GateHouse supports live tracking and monitoring of more than 100.000 assets within different businesses and delivers mission critical solutions in satellite communication. Each day hundreds of companies and authorities all over the world depend on GateHouse.

Top Quality
GateHouse has a continuous focus on delivering high quality software – a focus which has become the company’s hallmark.

Currently approx. 50 highly skilled M.Sc. and PhD are employed at GateHouse mainly within engineering and business development. All employees work targeted on the basis of strategy and action plans to ensure persistent quality and development.

A solid foundation
GateHouse was founded in 1992 by the current CEO, Michael Bondo Andersen, and has during the last decade risen to become a well-known international player in the software industry. GateHouse has references on all continents and is a stable and experienced partner with a strong economy.

Continuous development
GateHouse is developing in all business areas. Especially within tracking there has been a highly increased demand for advanced solutions which are met by the flexible ghTrack Platform. The platform enables remarkable automations and process optimations in various business industries by integrating tracking and monitoring systems to make them flow together as one.

GateHouse A/S
Strømmen 6
9400 Nørresundby



With headquarter in Denmark, Sky-Watch has since 2009 developed, manufactured and implemented high-tech solutions for real-time decision making in complex environments worldwide. Sky-Watch’s R&D competencies encompasses unmanned systems, advanced embedded control software, integrated industrial design and intuitive user interfaces.

The needs of their end-users are what inspire and define their product development. This is why their systems not only saves time and reduce costs, but also save lives. Their ability to create autonomous systems that can operate in very difficult environments differentiate Sky-Watch from other players in the market.

Their adaptability and customer oriented development makes Sky-Watch an attractive partner for projects that involve the integration of existing technology with their platforms. Such integration projects are central in creating technology leverage that adds value to the end product. Synergy and compatibility are the keywords of their approach to achieving their goal of creating the ultimate multi-purpose autonomous systems. Their continued focus on creating sustainable and close cooperation with key partners in their respective markets enables Sky-Watch to deliver state-of-the-art sensor technology with optimal user friendliness.

Sky-Watch is owned by the Danish equity fund Dangroup ApS & Borean Innovation.

Østre Allé 6
9530 Støvring

NTI CADcenter A/S

NTI CADcenter A/S

NTI CADcenter har mere end 70 års erfaring som leverandør og producent af tegneværktøjer.

For ca. 30 år siden besluttede ledelsen hos NTI CADcenter at videreudvikle det bestående koncept til også at omfatte CAD-løsninger.

I dag er NTI CADcenter en af Nordens største leverandører af løsninger og ydelser, og de dækker hele din virksomheds behov for CAD, dokumenthåndtering og Facility Management – fra rådgivning og behovsanalyse via hardware og software til undervisning, vedligehold, og support.

De arbejder kontinuerligt tæt sammen med deres kunder for at udvikle og effektivisere deres forretning. Deres mål er at give dig og din virksomhed den bedste løsning baseret på din situation og dine behov.

De ønsker at være en serviceminded og fleksibel samarbejdspartner, hvis vigtigste opgave er at levere fremragende service og tilsikre, at løsningerne passer til dine individuelle behov og dermed fremmer din effektivitet og markedsposition.

NTI CADcenter A/S
Hjulmagervej 55
9000 Aalborg

EMD International A/S

EMD International A/S

EMD is a software and consultancy company supplying countries worldwide with software and consultancy services within the field of project design, planning and documentation of environmental friendly energy projects, particular wind energy project and complex renewable energy systems.

EMD has its main office located in Aalborg, Denmark, and regional sales offices in Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Turkey and China. The company has a total staff of 26 employees and growing.

An important task for EMD is to continuously update and improve their software packages for project design and planning of wind energy projects, CHP projects, etc. in close cooperation with the many companies worldwide, which use their software daily.

EMD participates in various ongoing research and development activities within the renewable energy sector, this ensures that the EMD software continuously is upgraded with the latest knowledge and experience available within the field.

The result is user-friendly, flexible and reliable software developed based on the latest knowledge and experience within the field and according to the demands of their many users worldwide.

The consultancy team at EMD is internationally recognized for its independent expertise within wind energy as well as within development of co/tri-generation projects.

As wind consultants, EMD has longtime, worldwide experience. Consultancy jobs have been performed in Canada in the North to Australia in the South and from Japan in the East to USA in the West. EMD performs over 300 consultancy jobs each year within wind energy for both private companies and banks as well as longer-term project assignments for DANIDA, World Bank and other international institutions.

Since 1998, the wind consultancy team at EMD has conducted wind resource assessment, micro-siting and bankable annual energy production assessments on over 700 wind farm projects worldwide with a planned capacity of more than 35,000 MW.

EMD International A/S
Niels Jernes Vej 10
9220 Aalborg Ø

Orbital A/S

Logo for Orbital

Orbital has since 1978 been developing and producing more than 7,000 control systems that is now operating worldwide, in the wind sector alone.

Their strength lies in creating high quality, reliable and control systems that also are very cost effective.

Focusing specifically on the energy sector, Orbital found a niche market for wind turbine control systems and biomass combustion control. To meet the increasing demand of reliability, performance and wide range applicability for their control systems, Orbital currently invests in the latest technologies.

Today Orbital delivers control systems worldwide and their export ratio is increasing continuously.

Orbital technology can be used for various industrial applications; therefore they can offer their customers a wide range of “tailor suited” products

Ongoing research and development has an immense importance for Orbital. This will make their control systems an even better investment. In addition the customers benefit from their extensive know-how within process control, design of electronic control modules and monitoring systems.

The future offers a tremendous market potential for Orbital products, especially since renewable energy provides an important and necessary contribution to the protection of our environment.

Orbital A/S
Trykkerivej 5
6900 Skjern

PowerCon Embedded A/S

They have always been dedicated to working with embedded systems, each with an average work experience as engineer of ~15 years. Since the early 2000s most of them have been working with wind turbines R&D within control HW and SW and in roles spanning over developers, specialists, project and team management.

In the summer 2011 they started as a team of freelancers, working with their business partner PowerCon A/S. PowerCon A/S is a company started by former colleagues in the wind business.

As of July 2012 we started formally as PowerCon Embedded A/S, with PowerCon A/S as partial owner. While PowerCon A/S is focusing on control algorithms, power components and mechanics, they – PowerCon Embedded A/S – are focusing on control HW and SW.

Their combined competences cover all aspects of product engineering:

  • Electronic design and verification
  • Power electronics design and verification
  • Software design, implementation and verification
  • High speed control algorithms
  • Power converter systems
  • Power test systems
  • System integration and verification
  • Power prototype build-up
  • Laboratory and field work
  • Project and team management

PowerCon Embedded A/S
Langdyssen 5
8200 Aarhus N

Eltomatic A/S

Eltomatic A/S was founded in 1978 in Pandrup, in the northern part of Denmark, just 20 km north of Aalborg Airport and only a 30 minute flight from Copenhagen. Since the beginning, and through to present day, our main product has been electronic shaft encoders for the fuel dispensing industry. Eltomatic has 35 years of experience with Ex approved incremental shaft encoders for use in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected.

On January 1st 2014, Eltomatic A/S was acquired by Scancon A/S, a Danish manufacturer of optical encoders. Eltomatic A/S will continue to operate as a separate division of Scancon and will continue to provide existing range of high quality products.

Eltomatic A/S
Fabriksvej 6, 9490 Pandrup